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Let One Of Our Professional Buddies Manage Your Home Renovations To Make Sure Your Project Is On Time, On Budget & Without Nightmares
Project Buddy has the ability to work with people and projects around the world. Buddy's have the ability to work in their local market. Join a vibrant community that shares ideas, provides support and helps  turn your headaches into happy memories.
No memberships, no commitments. Signing up is a breeze, just a couple  easy steps.
We work as little or as much as you want. You can hire us to do one job or ten. Project Buddy works on weekly contracts.
Our Buddys are specialized in construction project management. They each will take care of the everyday heavy lifting so you can feel confident that your job is running smoothly.
Project Buddy offers five main services, each done on a weekly basis: Upload your project information to our cloud-based software. Take daily photos of your project. Create daily logs. Contact all contractors, subs and architects for scheduling purposes. Create an "end-of-week report" of your project.
$500/week. We work on weekly contracts. The prices are always the same, no matter what size project.
We know the game. When it's slow it's tough  and when it's busy it's great. However, sometimes it gets busy all at once. That's where we come in. Project Buddy works on weekly contracts so  we can do as little or as much as your workload demands. No need to hire and train full-time employees only to have the burden of their salaries on your books when it gets slow.
15,000 +
100's of
“I thought that doing a few long overdue renovations at home was going to be a walk in the park. Until I realized how unprepared I was. From badly measuring and undercutting my budget, I landed up spending way more than I should have. I was ready to abandon the entire thing completely until I found Project Buddy. They hooked me up with a Project Manager in my area who came around and set everything straight! The project was salvaged and finished ahead of time! I will never undertake another project at home without these guys. The peace of mind is priceless!”
- Charlie
“My husband works long hours and getting him to do anything around the house is impossible. I was starting to go out my mind when I came across Project Buddy and from the first visit to the final completion of my work, the process was so well managed and such a pleasure to do. Having a project manager come around and make sense of the entire project was a lifesaver! Definitely worth a try…”

- Rachel
How much does a project manager cost?
The cost for any size job is the same, $500/wk.
Is there a minimum size project limit?
Each project is it's own entity, no minimum size. If a contractor has multiple projects they will be treated as one-offs and assigned Buddy's accordingly.
How do I know I am getting a quality Project Manager?
Each Buddy is vetted through an third party service, Amazon. They all go through training at PB university.
How do I do payments?
Payment are one time, up front. Once you book a job, then you pay just like buying a product off of amazon. The payments are made through a third party secured payment processor.
What If I am not happy with the final outcome?
If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, PB will make every attempt to make you happy with our service..
Can more projects be added as we go along or is it one project per Buddy?
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