Are Your Home Renovations Causing You
Sleepless Nights & Endless Delays?
Stop Stressing Over Lingering Work, Under Budgeting
& Get Your Very Own Project Manager!
Go to payment and book a project buddy for the following week or month.
The project is assigned to a ‘buddy’ based on the geographic region that you entered in. We reach out to you on behalf of the buddy and collect all the necessary information pertaining to the project and we send that to the buddy who then uploads all the data on the Buildertrend site. The buddy then reaches out via email to all concerned parties for the week’s work explaining his/her role for the upcoming job.
The buddy then makes daily site visits and creates a log with video and images to upload to the Buildertrend site so that everyone concerned has access to it. A weekly report is compiled outlining what work took place vs what was planned and the work is either completed within that week or extended into the next week, depending on project size.
“I thought that doing a few long overdue renovations at home was going to be a walk in the park. Until I realized how unprepared I was. From badly measuring and undercutting my budget, I landed up spending way more than I should have. I was ready to abandon the entire thing completely until I found Project Buddy. They hooked me up with a Project Manager in my area who came around and set everything straight! The project was salvaged and finished ahead of time! I will never undertake another project at home without these guys. The peace of mind is priceless!”
- Charlie
“My husband works long hours and getting him to do anything around the house is impossible. I was starting to go out my mind when I came across Project Buddy and from the first visit to the final completion of my work, the process was so well managed and such a pleasure to do. Having a project manager come around and make sense of the entire project was a lifesaver! Definitely worth a try…”

- Rachel
We help organize home renovation projects by connecting clients with Project Managers in their area.
These Project Managers are called ‘buddy’s’ who are not only professional and highly skilled
but will also help you efficiently and affordably get your renovations completed on time
and more importantly, within budget!
How much does a project manager cost?
The cost for any size job is the same, $500/wk.
Is there a minimum size project limit?
Each project is it's own entity, no minimum size. If a contractor has multiple projects they will be treated as one-offs and assigned Buddy's accordingly.
How do I know I am getting a quality Project Manager?
Each Buddy is vetted through an third party service, Amazon. They all go through training at PB university.
How do I do payments?
Payment are one time, up front. Once you book a job, then you pay just like buying a product off of amazon. The payment will be through Clickfunnels.
What If I am not happy with the final outcome?
We will have disclaimer on the site saying something like "if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, PB will make every attempt to make you happy with our service..
Can more work be added to the project as we go along or is it one project per Buddy?
Yes, this is the next phase slated for the upsell. PB basic $500/week, PB Gold $1000/ week with more features, PB platinum $2000/week full onsite project management.
Stop wasting your time and money battling with frustrating home renovations. 
The truth is if you are unsure about what you are doing, you will land up wasting your time and money. Our Buddy’s are professionals who are there to help you take the hard work out of any renovation project. Get your Buddy today and never dread home renovations again!
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